20 Questions 20 Answers with Fréderike Geerdink

This week's guest of our column, 20 questions 20 answers, journalist and author Fréderike Geerdink.

Newspaper Sweden - In our '20 Questions 20 Answers' column; every week, we welcome one of the enlightened, journalists, politicians and artists as guests, and we look for pleasant answers to our pleasant questions.

This week's guest of our column, journalist and author Fréderike Geerdink, gave 20 answers to 20 questions as follows;

What are the 3 must-read books in your opinion?

The Boys Are Dead, This Fire Never Dies and many more… I have read many books and I want to say this: Read read read! Leave social media and read books! (I also recommend it to myself...)

A Kurdish song that you think the world should listen to?

If I want to dance in my home office I turn this on: Tara Mamedova - DeraSore

What are your three favorite Kurdish words?

Azadi, Azadi, Azadi. (Azadi means freedom)

Your favorite region in Kurdistan land?

Amed and Botan. A friend of mine said that I love Botan so much because I don't know Dersim very well. Maybe she's right. ;-) I've only visited Dersim a few times. There are also two routes that I love very much: Şırnak-Siirt and Van-Çatak-Pervari-Siirt.

Frederike Geerdink in three words?

Passionate, curious, honest.

Who is the leader you want him to say that he is sorry?

I don't want anything from the leaders.

A philosopher and a sentence?

 Hannah Arendt: “Plurality is the law of the world.”                 

Which slogan best describes your life?

The pen is mightier than the sword.

What color would you like to paint a white wall?

Pink, of course.

Can you describe love in one word?

Love is friendship.

Your favorite Kurdish food?

Home cooking.

A year where you wish you had stayed there forever?

When I was a journalist in Amed. Everything was fine and I could live like this forever.

A Kurdish journalist or writer that you said "I wish he was my friend"?

I wish I could talk to Musa Anter once.

How many cups of tea or coffee do you drink during the day?

Two, three coffees and maybe three teas a week. I have a motto about tea: "My favorite tea is volunteer tea" I drank very inevitable tea in Kurdistan. 

What color would you describe Kurdish women with?

In clear, sparkling colours.

Biggest cringe you've ever had? (Cringe: Being embarrassed for/on behalf of someone else.)

I have no regrets. ;-P

A historical female character you would describe as Crush? (Crush: It's like getting hit, but it expresses great admiration and admiration.)

Not just a woman. Every woman doing 'berxwedan'. (Berxwedan means resistance)

Which process would you like to film in the geography of Kurdistan?

The process after peace, freedom and justice built. Generally, journalists leave the regions and countries where peace comes, but I would like to stay. What will the guerrillas do, what will the people do, how will life continue? I'm very curious.

Is there a place where you wish you were born and raised there?

I have no answer. I would write something about this, but I keep quiet. The country I was born in is rich and I am lucky to be born there, but at the same time, the historical crimes in my country are huge and I am ashamed of it. Do you understand?

Something you don't even want to discuss ten years from now?

Those who say, "There is no place like Kurdistan!" I hope they stop saying that. Because I'm tired of this discourse.